AXXUS World Cargo Center
Copenhagen Airport

a unique development at
Copenhagen airport

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AXXUS Cargo Project CPH

  • Prime Airport location with simultaneous land- and airside access
  • Multi-tenant solutions with high efficency cargo space
  • Airside access even for smaller companies
  • High quality office space with direct connestuion to the warehouse
  • All security certifications in place

About AXXUS Cargo Project CPH

About AXXUS in general

  • AXXUS Capital is a leading developer and investor instructured developments of air cargo infrastructure and cargo facilities
  • We develop world class efficient cargo real estate for all needs of the air freight industry
  • We realise buildings with the highest security standard in air side land side connection with a maximum of cargo volume to be operated
  • We are partner of airports as well as the leading cargo companies in the air cargo industry
  • With an experience of 20 years of airport infrastructure developments we are one of the market leaders in our branch

About us


About CPH in general

  • One of europe´s fastes – growing airports

  • 29 million passengers per year

  • 170 destinations world wide

  • Expanding CPH – a plan for 40 million passengers a year

  • Largest Cargo hub in Northern Europe

  • Intermodal hub with direct acces to highway to sweden, norway, germany and the baltics

  • Building the northern european air cargo hub

  • More than 1,000 tons air cargo a day

  • Number 8 on cargo volume in europe

About CHP Airport